Mission & Vision

Our Mission

United Way of Wilson County connects people with resources that help to strengthen our community. We build the strength of our neighborhoods; we bolster the health of our community and improve the lives of all.  Building a strong foundation of economic mobility and racial equity for now and for the future.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a strong community where our neighbors have access to the resources they need to thrive.  Our goal for strengthening our community is to ensure all individuals and families can meet their basic needs by finding lasting solutions to the most pressing issues facing our community.  Together we work side by side with nonprofits and neighbors to create a community of resources serving all.


In 1959, the United Fund of Wilson County was organized at a meeting in the Cherry Hotel. The goal for this initial fundraising effort was set at $79,568.30. Today the organization we now call United Way raises more than one-million dollars annually to fund human service agencies for the people of Wilson County.

Far from being just a once-a-year presence, United Way is an integral part of the community it serves. Each member agency’s program is a part of a total health, welfare, and character building program designed to meet the needs of the community. Because of this fact, United Way has a responsibility to consider the community program as a whole and each agency’s relation to the total program.

United Way helps people help themselves and one another by uniting the community’s volunteer fundraising efforts in a manner that builds a strong spirit of community volunteerism; responds to needs that can’t be met through public expenditures; is accountable to the giver and the receiver for dollars and programs; operates in a cost effective manner.